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Hi guys, have you been reading all my entries? So how would you rate it? Let’s have a very quick survey to make sure of it.. hihi

This blog is:

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Anyhow I am truly hoping that each one of you could benefits from these entries and start to consider online business as a part of your source of income. Especially students (like me) who undergo phase of financial problems most of the time. Who would help us in difficult times if it is not ourself right? Therefore online business is the way to help us during the bitter times of not having enough money.

 On the other hand, Alhamdulillah all praises to the almighty I am able to complete this assignment (well I hope my marks is rainbows as well) A bouquet of thankful I give to my lecturer Sir Zulfakhri b Mohd Zulkefli for his constructive comments and guidance throughout the success of my blog entries. To my beloved friends; roommates, girls next door and classmates thank you for your kind reply, patience and knowledge that you guys have poured on me without any hesitation. Congratulations on the successfulness of our entries and May each one of us pass this subject with flying colours. Amin.

 Thank you for your kind attention on reading my blog, till we meet again on some other day In sha Allah. Good Bye, don’t miss me..

 Last but not least from me, LET’S READERS START OUR OWN ONLINE BUSINESS! 


Motivational business talk

Dear Readers, 

I guess by now you should have been able to give meaning on Online Business, able to differentiate the types of online business, have been exposed to the successful online entrepreneurs that run online business which inspired you, the benefits of having one and many more. Whatever might happens to you later while running online business you should never give up because Online Business is Roller-coaster phases just the same in our lives. There is time we are at the top; having profits on our business but there is also a time where we have to be on the bottom to not to make you down but to ensure you get up and turn it over to a successful business.  

Remember a saying by Steve Job, founder of Apple Inc; Sometimes life gonna hit you with the bricks, don't lose faith. Instead LOVE WHAT YOU DID! 

Enjoy this motivational business talk of success stories of Oprah, Amazon, Facebook, Google and Apple.


5 Successful Online Entrepreneurs You Should Know

The are many entrepreneurs that we can benefits from them in terms of their ways of handling online business, their ways in tackling  customers and even to earn some inspiration and motivation. As a result, those young entrepreneurs who just starting up their online based internet would have some light and guidance to ensure they are on a right track. So let’s get to know and learn their real-life business experiences that can be helpful in our own entrepreneurial journeys.

1. Jeff Taylor

As CEO of DEVISEJeff Taylor has extensive experience building profitable online businesses. What began as a web design and marketing firm eventually transformed into an entity that creates, markets, monetizes and then eventually sells websites. Taylor and his partner Evan Lisabeth have the ability to grow online businesses at an incredible rate. 

2. Tim Seidler

Tim Seidler is a husband and father of two children that used online entrepreneurship to completely turn his life around. He was once in a place that many individuals find themselves -- utilities turned off and bills he couldn’t pay. He did something that many don’t have the courage to do -- Seidler quit his job and put 100 percent of his time and effort into creating an online income, recently selling a portfolio of websites for six figures!Through his website, Get Niche Quick, Seidler blogs about the highs and lows of his entrepreneurial journey. His transparent approach is beneficial, as entrepreneurs will see that there are good days and bad days in any business. Seidler shares his current and future projects and also openly discusses his income -- sharing both his best monthly earnings as well as daily earnings. There definitely isn’t a lack of inspiration and I highly recommend following Seidler’s online business journey.

 3. Dom Wells

Affiliate marketing is a huge business, but the truth is that many entrepreneurs quit because they get discouraged when they don’t see instant results. It takes time and a well thought out strategy to make sizeable earnings through affiliate marketing. Dom Wells, a highly successful online marketer, offers guidance to entrepreneurs that want to learn how to make money online.His website, Human Proof Designs, offers training through its blog to those who want to learn how to start a niche website the correct way -- everything from niche research to monetization is covered. Wells doesn’t just talk the talk. He walks the walk, constantly creating new niche sites to add to his portfolio and turning his experiences into case studies for his readers. 

4. Steve Rendell
Steve Rendell is the man behind Texfly, an online resource for entrepreneurs who are interested in creating profitable niche websites and ranking them high in search results using the power of private blog networks. Rendell's website stands out because he isn’t afraid to talk about what really works. 

5. Stuart Walker
An entrepreneur that specializes in online niche marketing, Stuart Walker shares his insight and knowledge on his website, Niche Hacks. Walker is an under-30 entrepreneur that travels the world and makes money from a wide variety of online assets. He is living the dream many aspire to reach through online businesses.


The Online Business Etiquette

Readers, how would you deal with a choosey customer? What would you reply to unsatisfied customers about your services? are you going to be mad as well? is it by using harsh words? and what are the appropriate languages to use when communicate with your customers? Basically it’s all about how to tackle your clients through internet. Because when you are conducting business online, you need to maintain a professional and courteous manners at all times. Online business etiquette, not unlike offline business etiquette, calls for attention to grammar, tone and discretion. Here are some of the etiquettes that might be useful for the entrepreneur/businessman in handling their customers at the very first time of communication.

Email Etiquette
  • Email messages should be professional and concise.
  • Fill in the “Subject” field as accurately as possible.
  • Use correct punctuation and spelling.
  • Work with black text and standard fonts.                                               Salutations should be in respectful way. Use referencing proper titles, such as “Mrs.” or “Dr.” unless you’ve established a first-name basis.         
  • Include your full name, title, website and contact information.                    
  • Avoid from making jokes and spam the recipients. 


Social Media Etiquette

  • Separate between business & personal matters                           
  • Avoid over-promotion.
  • Post concise messages and use the most relevant wording font.    
  • Avoid excessive short-forms and emoticons

Instant Message Etiquette

  • Never send confidential information, important announcements or disturbing news (use email, face-to-face or phone call for in-depth matters)
  • Refrain from sending more than two sentences in a single IM post. 
  • Always begin with a polite request for a chat.
  • Be mindful of others’ online statuses, which may include “Available” or “Do Not Disturb.”
  • Use a professional IM handle.