Thursday, 27 August 2015

Online Business (START UP)

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Back to the topic, so what is Online Business? What have come across to you whenever you hear about online business? Money? Internet? Risk? Clothes? Social Media? Shipping? YES you guys are correct and absolutely in a right track J (round of applause) According to, Online Business which also known as e-business is any kind of business activity that happens online (over the internet). It is a form of electronic commerce which allows consumers to directly buy goods or services from a seller over the internet using a web browser. Basically what can I say is that online business is a type of business which unnecessary required you to have a physical shop to run a business instead it can be done by only a laptop, strong Wifi connection and of course the product or service. Did you guys know that Michael Aldrich, an English entrepreneur is the one who has invented online shopping in 1979? He invents online shopping to ensure online transaction processing between consumers and businesses or between one business and another which later widely known as e-commerce. He started to invent an online shopping by connection a modified domestic TV to a real-time transaction processing computer via a domestic telephone line.

Online business can be illustrated as above. Easy right?

Anyone could own an online business. Even if you are a student, housewife, singer, artist or even engineer well anyone can start up an online business by his/herself. It is just a matter of product, cost, and how you are going to promote and sell your products or services and the most important is the PASSION & DETERMINATION. Because every single things that we do, we need to have heart and patience on it. Right? Online business would not promise you to be rich on the go instead you need to undergo processes and be patient on every aspects. Oh I don’t mean to scare you before the supposed entry ok :P Therefore online business can be categorized into different types of online business fronts (the interface or how they will appear on the internet) such as Websites, Online shop or Marketplaces, Blogs, Instagrams and any other social media account. Each of the mediums differ from one another and yes by mean of differ it counts the pros and cons, challenges, the importance, methods and many more. No worries we will go in depth of each of the categories in other entry. Stay tune for more ok? But as for now it is the end, thank you for the reading.

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