Monday, 31 August 2015

What to sell?

Assalamualaikum wbt

How was your Merdeka’s break people? Mind to share with me and all of us how you spent your 31st Ogos? Did you guys go for the Merdeka’s Perarakan? Wahh *thumbs up* Or you guys just laying all day long in front of the TV? Well a big applause to those who have spent their Merdeka’s day very well with the very good activities but for those who are vice versa, well here is the thing, doesn’t mean you don’t go watch the perarakan or didn’t celebrated Merdeka’s day you don’t appreciate and love your country right? YES [talking to myself either] hihi Anyhow no matter where and what you are doing now, I hope that you guys are having fun 
J so to add more the fun that you guys have been felt for, I would like share with you guys the appropriate products that can make money (double fun for you) through online business. 

Yes anything could be a business these days but remember not everything could promise you the profits! Therefore you guys need to be wise on choosing the products to be market over the internet. As for that the first thing that you need to do when starting an online business is the product choices. If you are wrong or fail in satisfy the needs and demands of customers then your market wouldn’t be BOOM to you. There are lists of products that can be market but I think these are the products that are the best and could satisfy the need and demands of customers these days. WHAT ARE THEY??!!! T

1) Women apparel

  • Clothes, Blouse, Jubah, Baju kurong, Scarfs, Skirts, Pants, Sandals, Shoes Brooch and other accessories

Example of Jubah made by Bella Ammara

Example; Blouse from Calaqisya & Handsocks, Socks from Satumakna4u

Example; Skirts and Palazo from Bella Ammara's collection 

Example; Shoes from Chocotopbychedora & Sandals from Calaqisya

 Example; Scarfs from Calaqisya & Brooch and accessories from Broochbybella 

2) Men apparel

  • Shirts, Pants, Blazer, Ties, Watch, Caps and Shoes  

Example: Shirts and Pants

Example: Blazer and Hats/Caps

 Example: Watch and Shoes

3) Kids wear

  • Shirts, Dress, Socks, Accesories, Toys, 

Example: Kids dress and toys

 Example: Kids accessories

Well the above list are the products that can be sell through online business in category of fashion, will be continued on the next entry on different products and categories. Stay tuned and be back ya!


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