Sunday, 30 August 2015

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Assalamualaikum wbt,

BOOOM!!! Happy 58th of Independence, Malaysia and to each and one of you, Malaysia’s citizens especially you who are very loyal reading my entries ;p May we are forever in peace and harmony. Enjoy the public holiday with the rightful things and with the loves one 
J Since you guys are in the mid of break you might be interested with today’s entry as I am going to show you some online shopping websites in Malaysia which sells their products over the internet. Perhaps you want to relax and self satisfaction a bit? *smile* Well i am not going to waste any time since I know you guys are very excited so LET’S BEGIN!

Bella Ammara; 
  • A famous boutique which provides muslimah apparel; clothes, scarf, blouse etc
  • Owned by young entrepreneur couple named Carl Samsudin & Bella Yahya

The interface of one of famous muslimah apparel boutique, Bellaammara's website

  • Fomous online store which provide muslimah apparel from head to toe  
  • Founded by Khairuddin's daughter; YanaKhairuddin & HazwanFaiz, FarahKhairuddin and FarahAzrinaKhairuddin

The interface of well-known muslimah apparel boutique, CalaQisya's website

  • Established in 2009 and founded by a successful woman entrepreneur named Ika
  • Annother famous online shopping which provides muslimah apparel such as clothes, blouse, scarfs. jubah etc

  • The interface of a famous muslimah apparel boutique, Radiusite's website

Here is the websites that provide variety of choices to its customers;

  • A website which provides different products in a roof
  • For more details log on to: Lazada

  • An easy and largest marketplace to shop with great deals of products 
  • For more details log on to: Mudah

Here is the websites that provide different fashion brands of products in one roof

Fashion valet:
  • More than 123 fashion brands gathered in one roof  

  • Famous online shopping website among Malaysians
  • For more details log on to: Zalora

so how?? did you managed to get your eyes on any of the websites above? what is to wait more, click on the link and tadaa you are about to shopping virtually. and I am truly hoping that you guys are able to understand and get to know how each of the business running through the internet. Let it be benificial to you to use it later on your business. Thats all for today, Happy Shopping & Happy Independence Day J


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