Monday, 31 August 2015

What to sell?

Assalamualaikum wbt

How was your Merdeka’s break people? Mind to share with me and all of us how you spent your 31st Ogos? Did you guys go for the Merdeka’s Perarakan? Wahh *thumbs up* Or you guys just laying all day long in front of the TV? Well a big applause to those who have spent their Merdeka’s day very well with the very good activities but for those who are vice versa, well here is the thing, doesn’t mean you don’t go watch the perarakan or didn’t celebrated Merdeka’s day you don’t appreciate and love your country right? YES [talking to myself either] hihi Anyhow no matter where and what you are doing now, I hope that you guys are having fun 
J so to add more the fun that you guys have been felt for, I would like share with you guys the appropriate products that can make money (double fun for you) through online business. 

Yes anything could be a business these days but remember not everything could promise you the profits! Therefore you guys need to be wise on choosing the products to be market over the internet. As for that the first thing that you need to do when starting an online business is the product choices. If you are wrong or fail in satisfy the needs and demands of customers then your market wouldn’t be BOOM to you. There are lists of products that can be market but I think these are the products that are the best and could satisfy the need and demands of customers these days. WHAT ARE THEY??!!! T

1) Women apparel

  • Clothes, Blouse, Jubah, Baju kurong, Scarfs, Skirts, Pants, Sandals, Shoes Brooch and other accessories

Example of Jubah made by Bella Ammara

Example; Blouse from Calaqisya & Handsocks, Socks from Satumakna4u

Example; Skirts and Palazo from Bella Ammara's collection 

Example; Shoes from Chocotopbychedora & Sandals from Calaqisya

 Example; Scarfs from Calaqisya & Brooch and accessories from Broochbybella 

2) Men apparel

  • Shirts, Pants, Blazer, Ties, Watch, Caps and Shoes  

Example: Shirts and Pants

Example: Blazer and Hats/Caps

 Example: Watch and Shoes

3) Kids wear

  • Shirts, Dress, Socks, Accesories, Toys, 

Example: Kids dress and toys

 Example: Kids accessories

Well the above list are the products that can be sell through online business in category of fashion, will be continued on the next entry on different products and categories. Stay tuned and be back ya!


Sunday, 30 August 2015

Let's get to know

Assalamualaikum wbt,

BOOOM!!! Happy 58th of Independence, Malaysia and to each and one of you, Malaysia’s citizens especially you who are very loyal reading my entries ;p May we are forever in peace and harmony. Enjoy the public holiday with the rightful things and with the loves one 
J Since you guys are in the mid of break you might be interested with today’s entry as I am going to show you some online shopping websites in Malaysia which sells their products over the internet. Perhaps you want to relax and self satisfaction a bit? *smile* Well i am not going to waste any time since I know you guys are very excited so LET’S BEGIN!

Bella Ammara; 
  • A famous boutique which provides muslimah apparel; clothes, scarf, blouse etc
  • Owned by young entrepreneur couple named Carl Samsudin & Bella Yahya

The interface of one of famous muslimah apparel boutique, Bellaammara's website

  • Fomous online store which provide muslimah apparel from head to toe  
  • Founded by Khairuddin's daughter; YanaKhairuddin & HazwanFaiz, FarahKhairuddin and FarahAzrinaKhairuddin

The interface of well-known muslimah apparel boutique, CalaQisya's website

  • Established in 2009 and founded by a successful woman entrepreneur named Ika
  • Annother famous online shopping which provides muslimah apparel such as clothes, blouse, scarfs. jubah etc

  • The interface of a famous muslimah apparel boutique, Radiusite's website

Here is the websites that provide variety of choices to its customers;

  • A website which provides different products in a roof
  • For more details log on to: Lazada

  • An easy and largest marketplace to shop with great deals of products 
  • For more details log on to: Mudah

Here is the websites that provide different fashion brands of products in one roof

Fashion valet:
  • More than 123 fashion brands gathered in one roof  

  • Famous online shopping website among Malaysians
  • For more details log on to: Zalora

so how?? did you managed to get your eyes on any of the websites above? what is to wait more, click on the link and tadaa you are about to shopping virtually. and I am truly hoping that you guys are able to understand and get to know how each of the business running through the internet. Let it be benificial to you to use it later on your business. Thats all for today, Happy Shopping & Happy Independence Day J


Saturday, 29 August 2015

The edge of Online Business

Assalamualaikum wbt, 

Happy breakfast hour everyone! Anyway what could you think off based on the above picture? Do you manage to guess what would be about on this entry? YES today's entry will entirely about the advantages of online business. Well obviously any kind of business will give profits to its seller/businessmen/entrepreneur and not to forgotten this online business as well. The advantages of online business can be followed as below;

According to
(Government Q, 2010) online business provides global access which are; 24 hours per day and 7 days a week. This means that buyers and sellers can conduct transaction at any time without having to bother the tradition hours of traditional business method. Besides it can also occur at anywhere around the world. For instance if you are determined to buy a product made in Korea but you are staying in nowhere to be found [even Google map could not detect you (yes I exaggerate to make it even real ;p)] you could always rely on the Internet; website such as amazon, ebay, zalora etc to make the purchasing. E-business makes it easier, faster and cheaper for businesses to communicate with their suppliers and customers. By using email and online ordering systems, communication and transactions can occur almost instantly between organisations situated anywhere in the world. Technology nowadays makes it easier to both sellers and buyers because they can just interact within the cyberspace. They don’t have to worry about meeting clients, promote products and such because it can be done through the any medium of online business.  

Another significant benefit for entrepreneurs is that
the initial investment for starting up an online business is generally lower than the costs associated with starting an equivalent business using a traditional model. The technology used to setup and operate an online business is becoming more advanced and also becoming cheaper to obtain. Many successful e-businesses are started using only a home based office with a personal computer, some basic software and a connection to the internet. Besides the entrepreneur will less the used of paper since all the process; promoting, selling and buying happens over the internet.

E-business can provide cost saving advantages for both buyers and sellers. Online sellers are able to reduce their financial statement as they don't need expensive shop fronts, as many employees or need to hold as much inventory on hand. In turn, this allows them to reduce their prices and pass the savings on to their customers, who save time and money by shopping from their own homes. The fact that consumers have such wide access to a diverse range of sellers also helps them to save money as they can search, shop around and compare prices quickly and easily.

I guess that is all the advantages of online business that I could write for you guys. You can gain more in internet if you still have doubt on it. So what are you waiting for? Indeed online business is a way better form of business to choose for! Create yours now J 


Website VS Instagram VS Facebook

Assalamualaikum wbt.

HELLO and HAPPY WEEKEND to all JIf previous entry I’ve talked about the meaning of online business and the types of online business so today I would like to explain the different forms of online business that might interest and convenient to you (as what I’ve promised before). We can see more and more people log on to the internet every day; there are billions of users world-wide and there are several reasons why you need to own at least one social media before you could start up an online business. As for that without wasting any time let us go in deeper on the first type of online business which is;

Website. Is either you create your own website or you used an online shopping website to sell your products both are known as online business in the form of website. First of all by using website, it could enhance the customers’ convenience (Rajendran, 2001). Your business concern can be more easily and quickly reached, every time a potential or an existing client searches for relevant businesses, products and services over the Internet. Your customers can always keep in touch with you and your business, just by knowing your web site address. Furthermore your customers will always be able to obtain updates information or anything about your products and company through the website. They don’t have to be relied on other electronic medium such as TV, radio or even newspaper instead they could simply browse through your website whenever they like. Small business are highly advised to not to use this form of online business as it is costly in term of the maintenance. In addition the seller or the company need to regularly update their products on their website to ensure there is no miscommunication occurs between the customers and the company. Therefore IT manager is required to manage the website.     

Another form of online business is Instagram. People nowadays regardless of ages, skin colours, races and many more are more likely to use this application as a form of interaction while uploading his/her photos. Therefore Instagram is another medium for entrepreneur to market their products or services to their customers since it is convenient and low cost. Why I said so it is because you, the seller could just straightly upload your product with the full details on the time. You don’t have to advertise your products on TV commercial or radio slot’s heavily to market your products instead you could do a mass promotion about your products on Instagram by yourself. This way is proven efficient as it is easy and you are not just cutting the cost but you could also able to make two way communications between the seller and the customers. From the feedback that you get you will be able to improve more in order to give satisfaction to the customers and yourself as well. However you need to be extra careful with scam or haters because they are exist and could make your business downturn with their hatred messages and many more. (well haters are everywhere right? Face it bravely!) contest such as tag & win, repost, flatlay and many more would make your followers excited and many more people know and follow your Instagram eventually your products as well.   

Facebook. I bet everybody has their own account of Facebook right? It is some kind of a must to everyone no matter who you are; a student, doctor, housewife or even Prime Minister to own at least one account even though you rarely post or log in to the account. (yes I’d have one!) as for that it is essential to the entrepreneur to has their own account to sell their products. Facebook is the easiest medium to use as it doesn’t requires any complexity on it. You just need to post pictures of your products, a long description on the products and all you do is just to wait until your customers’ personal message you. As simple as that you could earn money! YES! Besides by using internet also you could interact with your customers directly as it has online chat to communicate. One thing to be careful is that sometimes your Facebook might face viruses (scam posts to your following) which can make your customers get annoyed and stop from following you. 

The list of online business is goes on as we have many types of online business that can be used. However those three types of online business as I mentioned above; Website, Instagram and Facebook are the most popular tools used by the entrepreneur or businessmen to market their business. No matter which type of online business you practice, always bear in mind that any form of online business that you used is differ one another and has its own benefits, risk, methods and etc. I hope you are clear (crystal clear ;p) on the different types of online business and has your own preference on which medium to use before starting up your own online business J

Don’t forget to think and decide! Till we meet again on the next entry.


Thursday, 27 August 2015

Online Business (START UP)

Assalamualaikum wbt,

 Welcome back! :D (I knew you would visiting me again :p)

Back to the topic, so what is Online Business? What have come across to you whenever you hear about online business? Money? Internet? Risk? Clothes? Social Media? Shipping? YES you guys are correct and absolutely in a right track J (round of applause) According to, Online Business which also known as e-business is any kind of business activity that happens online (over the internet). It is a form of electronic commerce which allows consumers to directly buy goods or services from a seller over the internet using a web browser. Basically what can I say is that online business is a type of business which unnecessary required you to have a physical shop to run a business instead it can be done by only a laptop, strong Wifi connection and of course the product or service. Did you guys know that Michael Aldrich, an English entrepreneur is the one who has invented online shopping in 1979? He invents online shopping to ensure online transaction processing between consumers and businesses or between one business and another which later widely known as e-commerce. He started to invent an online shopping by connection a modified domestic TV to a real-time transaction processing computer via a domestic telephone line.

Online business can be illustrated as above. Easy right?

Anyone could own an online business. Even if you are a student, housewife, singer, artist or even engineer well anyone can start up an online business by his/herself. It is just a matter of product, cost, and how you are going to promote and sell your products or services and the most important is the PASSION & DETERMINATION. Because every single things that we do, we need to have heart and patience on it. Right? Online business would not promise you to be rich on the go instead you need to undergo processes and be patient on every aspects. Oh I don’t mean to scare you before the supposed entry ok :P Therefore online business can be categorized into different types of online business fronts (the interface or how they will appear on the internet) such as Websites, Online shop or Marketplaces, Blogs, Instagrams and any other social media account. Each of the mediums differ from one another and yes by mean of differ it counts the pros and cons, challenges, the importance, methods and many more. No worries we will go in depth of each of the categories in other entry. Stay tune for more ok? But as for now it is the end, thank you for the reading.

See ya! 


An Introduction (GEAR UP)


Assalamualaikum and HI guys :)

 Alhamdulillah all praises to Allah SWT the Almighty I am able to write my first entry. I hope each and every one of you is doing well and in a pink of health with the loved ones. First of all, I am Sharifah Asilah binti Syed Othman an English Communication student in Kolej Profesional Mara Indera Mahkota and currently in semester 5. This blog is solely for academic purpose, written for the course Digital & Mobile Communication (ITE 3563) and specifically to Sir Zulfakhri b Mohd Zulkefli as my lecturer for this course in DEC 5C. In order to complete the course outline of this subject we have been assigned to blogging a topic that interest to us. And as for me I am interested with the well-known topic nowadays which is the “Online Business” because of several reasons (well figure it out in my other entries). Basically there are few objectives that I would like to gain from this blog which are:

  •  To inform and educate people with another form of business that could be beneficial to them
  •  To notify the viewers on how to get started with online business
  •  To inspire the viewers to start creating an online business of their own
  •  To encourage viewers especially the students to start considering a business of their own even a small one as their source of side income

I am truly hoping that I would be able to achieve my goals of this blog because I wanted to see myself, the viewers, my friends, and many others as entrepreneurs in the future. In sha Allah if Allah wills J Thank you for your viewing and perhaps this won’t be your last time, Right?

Stay tune for more!