Saturday, 29 August 2015

Website VS Instagram VS Facebook

Assalamualaikum wbt.

HELLO and HAPPY WEEKEND to all JIf previous entry I’ve talked about the meaning of online business and the types of online business so today I would like to explain the different forms of online business that might interest and convenient to you (as what I’ve promised before). We can see more and more people log on to the internet every day; there are billions of users world-wide and there are several reasons why you need to own at least one social media before you could start up an online business. As for that without wasting any time let us go in deeper on the first type of online business which is;

Website. Is either you create your own website or you used an online shopping website to sell your products both are known as online business in the form of website. First of all by using website, it could enhance the customers’ convenience (Rajendran, 2001). Your business concern can be more easily and quickly reached, every time a potential or an existing client searches for relevant businesses, products and services over the Internet. Your customers can always keep in touch with you and your business, just by knowing your web site address. Furthermore your customers will always be able to obtain updates information or anything about your products and company through the website. They don’t have to be relied on other electronic medium such as TV, radio or even newspaper instead they could simply browse through your website whenever they like. Small business are highly advised to not to use this form of online business as it is costly in term of the maintenance. In addition the seller or the company need to regularly update their products on their website to ensure there is no miscommunication occurs between the customers and the company. Therefore IT manager is required to manage the website.     

Another form of online business is Instagram. People nowadays regardless of ages, skin colours, races and many more are more likely to use this application as a form of interaction while uploading his/her photos. Therefore Instagram is another medium for entrepreneur to market their products or services to their customers since it is convenient and low cost. Why I said so it is because you, the seller could just straightly upload your product with the full details on the time. You don’t have to advertise your products on TV commercial or radio slot’s heavily to market your products instead you could do a mass promotion about your products on Instagram by yourself. This way is proven efficient as it is easy and you are not just cutting the cost but you could also able to make two way communications between the seller and the customers. From the feedback that you get you will be able to improve more in order to give satisfaction to the customers and yourself as well. However you need to be extra careful with scam or haters because they are exist and could make your business downturn with their hatred messages and many more. (well haters are everywhere right? Face it bravely!) contest such as tag & win, repost, flatlay and many more would make your followers excited and many more people know and follow your Instagram eventually your products as well.   

Facebook. I bet everybody has their own account of Facebook right? It is some kind of a must to everyone no matter who you are; a student, doctor, housewife or even Prime Minister to own at least one account even though you rarely post or log in to the account. (yes I’d have one!) as for that it is essential to the entrepreneur to has their own account to sell their products. Facebook is the easiest medium to use as it doesn’t requires any complexity on it. You just need to post pictures of your products, a long description on the products and all you do is just to wait until your customers’ personal message you. As simple as that you could earn money! YES! Besides by using internet also you could interact with your customers directly as it has online chat to communicate. One thing to be careful is that sometimes your Facebook might face viruses (scam posts to your following) which can make your customers get annoyed and stop from following you. 

The list of online business is goes on as we have many types of online business that can be used. However those three types of online business as I mentioned above; Website, Instagram and Facebook are the most popular tools used by the entrepreneur or businessmen to market their business. No matter which type of online business you practice, always bear in mind that any form of online business that you used is differ one another and has its own benefits, risk, methods and etc. I hope you are clear (crystal clear ;p) on the different types of online business and has your own preference on which medium to use before starting up your own online business J

Don’t forget to think and decide! Till we meet again on the next entry.


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