Saturday, 29 August 2015

The edge of Online Business

Assalamualaikum wbt, 

Happy breakfast hour everyone! Anyway what could you think off based on the above picture? Do you manage to guess what would be about on this entry? YES today's entry will entirely about the advantages of online business. Well obviously any kind of business will give profits to its seller/businessmen/entrepreneur and not to forgotten this online business as well. The advantages of online business can be followed as below;

According to
(Government Q, 2010) online business provides global access which are; 24 hours per day and 7 days a week. This means that buyers and sellers can conduct transaction at any time without having to bother the tradition hours of traditional business method. Besides it can also occur at anywhere around the world. For instance if you are determined to buy a product made in Korea but you are staying in nowhere to be found [even Google map could not detect you (yes I exaggerate to make it even real ;p)] you could always rely on the Internet; website such as amazon, ebay, zalora etc to make the purchasing. E-business makes it easier, faster and cheaper for businesses to communicate with their suppliers and customers. By using email and online ordering systems, communication and transactions can occur almost instantly between organisations situated anywhere in the world. Technology nowadays makes it easier to both sellers and buyers because they can just interact within the cyberspace. They don’t have to worry about meeting clients, promote products and such because it can be done through the any medium of online business.  

Another significant benefit for entrepreneurs is that
the initial investment for starting up an online business is generally lower than the costs associated with starting an equivalent business using a traditional model. The technology used to setup and operate an online business is becoming more advanced and also becoming cheaper to obtain. Many successful e-businesses are started using only a home based office with a personal computer, some basic software and a connection to the internet. Besides the entrepreneur will less the used of paper since all the process; promoting, selling and buying happens over the internet.

E-business can provide cost saving advantages for both buyers and sellers. Online sellers are able to reduce their financial statement as they don't need expensive shop fronts, as many employees or need to hold as much inventory on hand. In turn, this allows them to reduce their prices and pass the savings on to their customers, who save time and money by shopping from their own homes. The fact that consumers have such wide access to a diverse range of sellers also helps them to save money as they can search, shop around and compare prices quickly and easily.

I guess that is all the advantages of online business that I could write for you guys. You can gain more in internet if you still have doubt on it. So what are you waiting for? Indeed online business is a way better form of business to choose for! Create yours now J 


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