Tuesday, 1 September 2015

What to sell? Part2


Assalamualaikum wbt. Where were we on previous entry? Hmm Oh yes the list of products that can be market through internet.  Well if previous entry I’ve give you guys a long list of fashion goods that can be featured in online business it’s the time for us to move on to another form of products. I know some of you guys might not interested in fashions thingy right instead you wanted to sell or buy other products such as gadgets, bags, foods etc so let’s begin our second journey on the products that can produce money yet satisfying the human needs and wants.

1) Foods

I know everybody likes to eat and yes we eat like 24 hours regardless who we are (except the people who need to be on diet ;p) therefore foods that are non-heavy or we called as snacks such as biscuits, kerepek, sweets etc are most popular form of foods that have values on e-business. 

Example: Cookies made by HR Crunchy Cookie

However some entrepreneur mostly owner of restaurant and owner of boutique who run a small café in their boutique will likely promote their foods in their own website, Instagram or any media social. Yes we (seller) couldn’t deliver Nasi Minyak, Mee Kari, Lasagna or even Beef Steak through the online order but the purpose of promoting these heavy foods through online is to give customers the insight about their foods and menus of the days. Besides it will trigger the customers to come and feel it by their own in the restaurants or café.  Ehem try to imagine if Nasi Lemak being delivered from Kedah to its customer in Kuantan HOW IS THAT EVEN POSSIBLE?? Right? That’s why they just promoting their foods through media socials. 

Example: Juice made by JustJuiceOfficial & Heavy foods in Fiska Boutique

2) Bags

Women no matter how old are they excluding babies & kids are tends to have desire on bags. It is like a must-wear-bring to women even a small one wherever they go. Thus it can be a potential market to entrepreneur to sell the bags as their products since the demand is high.

Example: Variety of bags being promoted and sell through Instagram application

3) Cosmetics

By means of cosmetics is that the businessman can sell their products based on cosmetic which are lipstick, compact power and such or cosmetics tool such as mini scissors, make-up box and many others. 

4) Gadgets

Gadgets are the most exciting and controversial products for customers and the sellers as well. It can be profitable and vice versa if the seller or the customers didn’t have a deeper investigation before she/he buys or sells.

5) Books, notes and accessories

Who doesn’t love cute things right? Therefore cute things that are beneficial will likely be purchased by customers. Some example of products within this category is; custom note books, keychain, books, pillows etc.


I am sure you guys have gain lot of inputs right? yes, there are so many products/thing that can be market through online business. Since you guys have know what kind of business online that you want to use, suitable products to fulfill the needs of customer so what are you waiting more? 

You are the one who need to make a move, to Start. All the best people

*throws confetti*


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