Thursday, 3 September 2015


Hi guys, have you been reading all my entries? So how would you rate it? Let’s have a very quick survey to make sure of it.. hihi

This blog is:

The feelings
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Low inputs – not interesting

Anyhow I am truly hoping that each one of you could benefits from these entries and start to consider online business as a part of your source of income. Especially students (like me) who undergo phase of financial problems most of the time. Who would help us in difficult times if it is not ourself right? Therefore online business is the way to help us during the bitter times of not having enough money.

 On the other hand, Alhamdulillah all praises to the almighty I am able to complete this assignment (well I hope my marks is rainbows as well) A bouquet of thankful I give to my lecturer Sir Zulfakhri b Mohd Zulkefli for his constructive comments and guidance throughout the success of my blog entries. To my beloved friends; roommates, girls next door and classmates thank you for your kind reply, patience and knowledge that you guys have poured on me without any hesitation. Congratulations on the successfulness of our entries and May each one of us pass this subject with flying colours. Amin.

 Thank you for your kind attention on reading my blog, till we meet again on some other day In sha Allah. Good Bye, don’t miss me..

 Last but not least from me, LET’S READERS START OUR OWN ONLINE BUSINESS! 


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